The Processor Wars Heat Up

I have been on a hiatus from my usual writing and with good reason. I have had some busyness in my personal life but that is not that main reason. I have been following AMD lately as they are about to drop a new processor that actually has Intel once again shaking and doubling back their looks. Intel is also about to drop a new processor all the while they still seem to be looking back with anticipation at AMD. The last time AMD seemed to be this strong with consumer interest was just before about say 2005. Then AMD seems to have taken a back burner approach by working slowly to make high quality processors. Intel remained bleeding edge and AMD was working on reliable. At least in my opinion.

I have never been partial to either AMD or Intel, though I’m sure some with disagree with that statement. The reality is I see value in both and I see good uses for both. This has been a booming period for computer building. AMD and Intel have both drastically reduced processors as they anticipate their new lineups. I mean drastically as in that $360 processor may now be purchased for $120. The main focus is on the processor that was formally known as ZEN.  In January, 201y AMD officially announced the Ryzen processor. The computer industry went a buzz.  Intel took notice. It was easy for the king company to feel threatened, they have been weak lately. AMD essentially set the base for their new processor equal to the top of Intel’s current top i7 processor.

Where does this leave things currently? Well the anticipated release date for Ryzen is March 2017. AMD is giving no specific date. I think this is logical as it allows them to make any last minute adjustments. AMD is a company focused on stability. It will release for AM4 format motherboards. These will be the first DDR4 supporting boards and chips AMD will support. Albeit a little late as DDR5 memory is on the immediate horizon.

What does this mean? There will be a budget option for multimedia. Gamer’s rejoice. Lately the gaming community has taken a hold on Intel. Historically it seemed Intel was big on business computing and AMD was where the gamers headed. That distinction may once again come to be. However the gaming community is not the only benefactor of the Ryzen chip. Multimedia companies as well. The processor can handle encoding and transcoding with ease under heavy CPU load. TO demonstrate this AMD’s CEO gave a Blendr demonstration of Ryzen compared to its Intel equal.

As well as various other processor intensive processes.

When the Ryzen processor becomes available I will put together a few system build blogs for those who may be interested.  Be on the look out.

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