CAG-Creations is a play off my XDA-Developers handle CAGMAN. What is CAGMAN?  Well it is a redundant name, Crazy Android Guy… Man. This website is all the creations that this crazy android guy does. My story does not start with Android. In fact it goes back to when I was a kid. I always had some sort of computer available to me growing up. Dad had an Atarti computer with no hard drive and it ran on all floppies. That was followed by a 286 machine. I remember the hard drive in it was just noisy. Ka chunck chuck chuck ka chuck a chuck.  Dad held on to that computer through the 386 and 486 years. He even refused to use Windows and stuck with DOS. So my first real memorable exposure to computers was MS-DOS. Dad had made a menu driven system That fact is important. In 1995 the noisy hard drive started going bad and Dad tried replacing it, but the replacements he tried would not work in the 286. So he gave in and bought a new computer. A 100 MHz Pentium with Windows 95.  I remember being blown away by Windows 95.  Suddenly, I had a computer I was able to mess around with, the old 286. I borrowed some programming books from the library. One was a C programming book with a Borland compiler with it and off I was learning about programming. I also messed around a lot with DOS batch files in which Dad had made his menu driven system out of. This became the basis for the earliest versions of OsDos. I found QBasic in the DOS directory and I started analyzing code and messed around with the packaged Gorillas.bas file Microsoft included. I was hooked. So to the library I went and borrowed books on QBasic programming. That is how OsDos was born. If you were active in QBasic in the late 1990’s you know who I am. In fact you can still download it on a few websites out there.

Download OsDos from my official download link here.
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I will include a YouTube video on how to set it up on a modern computer in a moment or two. The linked version (at least the version I seem to still find online) was released in October 1999.

My computer skills have ranged over the years. In high school I was a computer administrator for a home health agency and I maintained the requirements for a steady connection for government billing. It was boring for a high school kid but a part of my past. From there I built a few computers for my friends and I as we went off to college. I attended Ashland University in Ashland, Ohio for 2 years before dropping out. A computer science major My favorite professor was Dr. Iyad Ajwa. If I had been able to stay the program I would have used him as a mentor. Since I did not finish the program and life went on its due course I am not as knowledgeable as I wish to be. I however did not stop learning, I just continued at a slower pace.

In 2004 I found myself writing a complete Point of Sale system for a hair salon in Flatwoods, KY.  As much as this could have been used as an opportunity I did not pursue that. While some might look at that as a mistake, it was a learning experience. There was already a big market for POS systems. In the meantime I made a few computer programs for toddlers to interact with. I was ahead of my time as these are all over the mobile markets now.

Then I disappeared for some time. I had taken interest in mobile and especially Android for its ease of use, its far superior ability to easily interact with other devices and systems.  I was also attracted to Androids log in and go as opposed to other mobile operating systems which still require a back up and restore type of setup to transfer contacts and files. I had slowly learned the necessary components to work with Android.  In June 2014 I took on a major Android project to make a custom ROM (customized Android Operating System) for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 series named CAGrom. I have this now defunct project hosted here.

I have since played in several projects in making replacement home screens for Android, and an abandoned Android replacement keyboard project. One thing one must realize in computing world is there is a lot of abandonment.  Some look at these as sources of failure. In reality they are learning sources that culminate in a future project.  I have had two culmination projects thus far. OsDos and CAGrom. I wanted to continue CAGrom and may choose to revive it in the future. It had a natural stop as the device it was created for began to fall obsolete and I did not have the resources to move it to other devices easily. While android is on a lot of devices, it does need customized to each individual product.

I am currently researching computer design and writing blogs on recommended computer systems. I also provide computer repair services and guidance to those who need it.