Mobile Apps

Android applications currently available on Google Play.  iOS apps are possible in the future.  They will be listed as well if they become available.

CAGrom (A custom Android Operating System) On XDA

CAGROMA project that began in June 2014 and abandoned in January 2015, CAGrom is a mobile operating system for the Samsung Galaxy TAB 3 series.  The supported devices and instructions to flash the operating system are provided on the page with additional support on the XDA website.  I provide this link because it is still a popular choice for the devices.  I no longer provide support.  A demo video is available on YouTube.

You may use this as a base for your custom ROM.  All I ask is for credit and a link to  Thank you.



SyncVolumeSome devices, for some reason, will not adjust all volume controls at the same time.  Others will not give you the option to adjust the different volume levels outside the Ringtone.  This app will let you conveniently adjust all volume levels to the exact same no matter which one you adjust.


Download on Google Play   Version: 1.8   Last Updated: July 3, 2015



FartButtonBoys will be boys.  This is true for the existence of this app.  My son wanted to make an app and he chose to make a Fart button.



Download on Google Play   Version:  1.5   Last Updated: July 4, 2015



If you have an idea for an app, please feel free to suggest.  If I am able then I will work on it.