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Tri-State Point photography project

This is a project I have had on my mind for a few years, and it is still not complete.  I want to expand it into its own page and include 360 degree views. I have many times found myself at Virginia Point Park in Kenova, WV to do some thinking.  It is such a fantastic place and is a great example of political division that can be evidenced (or lack thereof) along any type of political border.  The point is political borders are nothing more than fictional lines on a map.  I would venture to Kenova, WV to do deep thinking and often find myself thinking about how devastating fictional borders are.  On September 3, 2016 I went to a public point with a friend in each state at this convergence point and took pictures of the opposing two states and the fictional border in between.  One thing to note here is that at this point in Ohio is a town call South Point, to indicate the most southern point in Ohio.  After the advent of satellites and GPS we now realize that Ohio is at a slant and GPS shows us the true southern point. So technically the most Southern point in Ohio is to the east of South Point and it sits just outside the immediate western edge of Burlington, Ohio.  The format of the displayed images start in Kenova, WV and end in South point Ohio.  The first image from each location looks back at the previous.

I was annoyed at the point in West Virginia…  They let the weeds grow up really high.  I climbed through the weeds to get to the point on the rivers edge. Why have a park that highlights a feature you want to highlight and then let that feature be unseen? Also of note due to a river barge moored alongside the park I had to get to a higher point in order to get the picture looking towards Ohio.

South Point, Ohio from Kenova, WV

Hocking Hills State Park – Various dates/Years

Tunnel #6 – North Bend Rail Trail