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Photography sample of red lights on kayaks at night
Kayaks at Night. Photo By: Christian Berry 2017

Welcome to some dork’s personal blog. This is the basic page. Feel free to skip this page to the real nitty gritty of the site (to the right on desktop, or below on smaller screens). I call this CAG-Creations because it originates from my love of Google Android. I called myself the Crazy Android Guy.  I am much more than just Android.  So here is my personal site sharing those parts with you.  Writing to help you learn photography, learn excel, or perhaps you want to create your own blog website.

This is yet another iteration of a personal web space.  In the late 1990’s I had a site in which I delivered an “operating system” made in Q-Basic.  OsDos what that software.  I still keep a copy of it.  Unfortunately it is not the latest version of it, the most recent and of course last version of OsDos I made was lost in a water situation.

CAG-Creations was re-launched on June 1, 2020. I found a wonderful host partner in Dreamhost. I hope you find inspiration, ideas, and value in this site you help you start your own personal blog. What better way to find inspiration than from some dork’s personal blog.

I will focus on three areas of specialization with this adventure of a personal blog.  Documents and Spreadsheets, Photography, and my “Life Blog” or the area where I will document my process into this new digital marketing world.

Everything here is to help you learn excel, learn photography, or learn how to make a personal blog.  If I can separate out one fundamental fact about the modern web world, it is that everything is dominated by Search Engine Optimization or SEO.  I have opted at the start not to use SEO tools but to attempt to do SEO optimization myself.  I will describe my process and adventure learning how to be SEO compliant in the general blog space.

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Do you have a home based business?  Are you in need of a specialized document or spreadsheet? I’m not limited to home based businesses, however, I imagine there are times you have thought I really could use this or that on the computer.  Lets discuss how I may be able to help you.

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I am always looking and thinking of new ideas in photography.  All photos you see displayed on this website were taken by me. Feel free to ask about use.

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This is it, this is where I bear my mind out for all.  Look below for my latest writings.

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